2020 league table points
We have been advised by TQUK that the Department for Education has now advised all Awarding Organisations of their third update to the approved list of qualifications. The revised Design Engineer Construct! The Digital Built Environment model has not yet been approved for inclusion in the 2020 performance tables. TQUK are currently appealing this decision with a deadline of 6th August.

We will update you on the outcome of this appeal as soon as possible after 6th August, but be assured - we remain committed to the inclusion of Design Engineer Construct! The Digital Built Environment as a relevant, robust and rigorous learning programme and qualification which continues to meet the needs of DEC schools throughout England.

Please note, schools outside England are not affected.


Eco Classroom Workshop

Eco Classroom Workshop

Your hands on Enterprise Day… and a part of the curriculum

The Eco Classroom workshop is a fun day. It tests the ability of young people to work together collaboratively to produce a great design for an Eco Classroom environment.

To help you prepare for the workshop we have put together a guide which outlines the format of the day and everything you need to get ready in advance.

Download Workshop Guide

Inspire and excite your students (and their parents)

Download and print our Eco Classroom Workshop leaflet and distribute to your students.

Download A4 Printable Leaflet

Workshop Worksheets

Throughout the course of the day students will require worksheets to support the workshop activity.

PDF versions for printing can be downloaded below.
Please ONLY print the amount shown below, multiplied by the number of teams taking part on the day.

Worksheet Reference Paper size Print Qty x no. of teams
Identifying Roles A3 2 Download
Board Meeting 1 A4 1 Download
Board Meeting 2 A4 1 Download
Board Meeting 3 A4 1 Download
Architect – Research A3 1 Download
Architect – Design A3 1 Download
Landscape Design – Research A3 1 Download
Landscape Design A3 1 Download
Surveyor – Research A3 1 Download
Management Team Company Name A3 1 Download
Company Director – Research A3 1 Download
Sustainability Officer – Research A3 1 Download
Brand Designer – Research A3 1 Download
Marketing Manager – Research A3 1 Download
Company Presentation A3 1 Download
Judges Score Sheet A3 4 sheets only Download

Feedback Forms

After you have completed the workshop we kindly ask that you download and complete the feedback forms below.

We suggest the student feedback form be completed by a random cross section of students who have participated in the workshop eg. 1 student from each workshop team.

Once the forms have been completed please return them by email to support@classofyourown.com

School Feedback Form A4  1 Download
Student Feedback Form A4 1 per team Download



To give students a reminder of their day and mark their achievement, we invite you to download, print and present the following certificates at the end of the workshop.

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